The 15 days tour will take you to the best and interesting birding sites in Uganda where you will be able to see different bird species coupled by the beautiful sceneries.


  • Birding
  • Nature walk
  • Site seeing
  • Game drive


Day 1: pick and transfer to the hotel for overnight.

Day 2: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park, birding enroute.

Day 3: Morning game drive and birding enroute.

Day 4: Transfer to Budongo Forest, birding enroute

Day 5: Birding in Budongo Forest particularly the royal mile area

Day 6: Transfer to Kibale National Park.

Day 7: Birding in Kibale National Park and Bigodi wetland.

Day 8: Transfer to Semuliki National Park and continue birding.

Day 9: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park and do birding along the Kazinga channel and Lake Munyanyanye.

Day 10: Birding in Maramagambo forest in Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Day 11: Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, birding enroute.

Day 12:Birding in Bwindi Ruhija sector in the trail to mubwindi swamp.

Day 13: morning birding in Bwindi Buhoma sector.

Day 14: Transfer to south of Buhoma towards Nteka for birding.

Day 15: Return to Kampala.

Day 1: Birding in Entebbe Botanical gardens

Airport pick up by our representative and starts birding at the botanical gardens. The tall trees near the entrance are a favorite spot for Verreaux Eagle owls Expect to see birds such as, African Open-billed stock, Kingfishers, Swamp Flycatcher Orange Weaver, Slender-Billed Weaver. ,scarlet chested sunbirds, Angola Swallow, Black crake, Grey Kestrel ,Grey headed gull, African open billed stock and many others .Highly vocal and conspicuous species you are likely to find are African fish eagle and Eastern Grey Plaintain- eater ,Hadada ibis Black crake and many others

Dinner and Overnight at Sheraton Hotel, Hotel Africana or Fair Way Hotel

DAY 2: Transfer to Murchison Falls National Park (450 species)

After breakfast we shall head for Murchison falls National Park birding en route. We will have a lunch stop in Masindi town. We shall pass via the top of the falls. In the vicinity of Sambiya river lodge ,and along the entrance to the falls expect to see Brown-backed woodpecker, Red Winged Warbler, Emins shrike and Brown- rumped birding. The campsite at the top of the falls is a favorite place for Rock Pranticoles hawk. Above the falls, you are likely to see, Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-Weaver, Brown Twin spot, long tailed Night Jar. The woodland along the low escarpment above the campsite, normally hosts the Foxy Cist cola and Pels Fishing Owl. Between the Paraa rest camp and the ferry crossing expect to see Blue -napped Mouse bird, Silver bird, Sparrow weaver and White-rump seedeater eater

Dinner and Overnight at Paraa Safari Lodge,Murchison River Lodge or Red Chilli Rest Camp.

DAY 3: In Murchison Falls.

Early morning breakfast and go for the morning game drive birding en route. The dry woodland after the Paraa Safari lodge is a good place for Shikra, Red-throated Bee-eater and Grey-headed Kingfisher. As you proceed on the northern bank, you are more likely to see Secretary bird, Tawny and Martial Eagles, Red-necked Falcon and Carmine bee-eaters. Hornbills are common sight in the Borassus Palm Savanna and the gaudy Abyssinian roller. The area around the Buligi junction near the Nile in the papyrus edges is a common place for the rare shoebill, Swamp flycatcher and blue breasted bee eater. The short grass adjacent to lake Albert is a favorite place for Caspian, Black-headed and Senegal plovers. Close to the Nyamsika cliffs expect to see Swallow-tailed Bee-eater, Greater Honey guide and Nubian Woodpecker.

Return for dinner and overnight at the lodge.

DAY 4: Transfer to Budongo Forest (350 species)

After breakfast we shall go to the Budongo forest. Key birds to see include ,Grey-headed Bush strike, Black-billed Barbet, Grey-headed Olive Back, Black- bellied Fire Finch ,Brown Rumped Bunting, Cliff Chat, Black-billed Wood Dove.
Dinner and overnight in Masindi Hotel.

DAY 5: Transfer to Budongo Forest

Transfer back to the Budongo forest particularly for the royal Mile area considered by some to be Ugandas prime birding place. Resident species include Banded snake eagle, Crowned and African Pied Hornbills, Black bishop and Marsch Tchagra are frequent in this area. Fruiting trees attract White-thighed and Black and White casqued Hornbills, Yellow-spotted, Hairy-breasted, Nahans Francolin and yellow-billed Barbets.

Dinner and overnight in Masindi Hotel.

DAY 6: Transfer to Kibale National Park (335 species)

Early transfer to Kibale National Park birding en route. At Kanyanchu Tourist center in Kibale National Park expect to see Black Crowned Wax-bills, Green-backed Twin Spot, Scaly Francolin, Marsh Tchagra, African Goshawk, the Majestic Ground eagle and Masked Apalis among others.

At the Bigodi sanctuary, expect to see the Papyrus Gonorek and many bird species.

Dinner and overnight in Kibale Guest Cottages

DAY 7: Birding in Kibale

DAY 8: Transfer to Semliki National park (400 species)

Expect to see bird species such as shoebill, African Pygmy goose, Red Naked Falcon, Abyssinian Ground Hornbill, Black billed barbets crested Francolin, Helmeted Guinea fowl, Broad-billed Roller, African Grey Hornbill among others. Spotlighting for nocturnal birds may reward you with African Scoops owl, and Pearl-Spotted Owlet.

Near the Semliki safari lodge, expect to see stripped kingfishers, White Crested Turaco, Bare-faced Go-away Bird, Eastern Grey Plantain-eater, Blue-napped Mouse Bird, Red-throated Bee-eater and Crowned Hornbill.

At the Semliki flats expect to see Red-throated bee-eaters and the Black-chinned Quail-Finch. Swamp and marshy parts of the Semliki Flats host birds such as Sacred Ibis, Saddle billed stork and Grey crowned crane.

Dinner and overnight at Semliki Safari Lodge.

DAY 9: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park (600 species)

Early morning transfer to Queen Elizabeth National Park, birding en route. Key species along the Kazinga channel include, African Fish eagle, Grey headed king fisher, Swamp flycatcher, Grey capped Warbler, Red chested sunbird, Black-headed gonolek, Great White nad Pink backed Pelican, Great and long tailed Cormorants, Common Squaco Heron, African open billed stock, Malachite and Pied kingfishers, Black crake, swamp fly catcher among others.

The Munyange Lake north of Lake Katwe is home to lesser flamingos, Broad-billed sandpiper, Greenshank, lesser black-backed Gulls and Gull-billed Terns. At the scenic Crater Lake north of lake katwe we shall see more bird species such as Common Buttonquail, Broad tailed Warbler, and March Tchagra. At the baboon cliffs we shall see raptors .At the Kasenyi track expect to see Brown snake Eagle,Bateleur,African Harrier Hawk, Martial eagle and many others.

Dinner and overnight in Mweya Safari or Maraffiki Safari Logde

Day 10. Birding in Queen Elizabeth

We shall go for birding in Maramagambo forest in search for interesting bird species such as Black headed batis, Bush-shrike, African rock python, Blown illadopsis etc. We shall also pass by the Kyambura River upstream from the gorge and look out for more bird species such as Crimson-rumped Waxbill, African Moustached Warbler and zittingcasticolas.
Return to the Lodge for dinner and overnight.

Day: 11. Transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (357 species).

After breakfast transfer to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park birding en route. Key species of the park are Albertine rift endemics such as Montane Masked Apalis, Grauers Warbler, Collared Apalis, Elliots woodpeckers, Grey-chested and Mountain illadopses, Black faced Rufus Warbler, Rwenzori Batis and Strange weaver.

Dinner and overnight at Ruhija.

Day 12: In Bwindi National Park

Bwindi is a key destination for any birders visit in Uganda. In the Ruhija area, birds are plentiful and easy to see. The short trail to mubwindi swamp will get you assess to rare and localized African Green Broadbill. At fruiting trees in the area expect to see great blue and black billed Turacos, the spectacular yellow billed barbet, Grey chested illadopsis among others.

Return to the Lodge for dinner and overnight.

DAY 13: Bwindi

Early morning birding in Bwindi in search for more bird species. We shall look for raptors such as African Goshawk, Mountain Buzzard, brown- naked parrot

Dinner and overnight at Gorilla Forest Lodge or Buhoma Community camp.

DAY 14: Bwindi

Early transfer South of Buhoma towards Nteka. We shall look out for Equatorial Akalat, Olive long-tailed Cuckoo. Fruiting trees, host bird species such as Hairy-breasted and Yellow-billed Barbets, Narina Trogon, Pied Hornbill, Yellow-spotted. We shall later visit the 5.2 km Muzabajiro river trail and look out for special birds such as Western Bronze napped pigeon, Dusky tit, African broad bill, Kivu ground thrush and many others.

We shall return to lodge in the late evening.

Dinner and overnight at Gorilla Forest Lodge or Buhoma Community camp.

Day 15: Return to Kampala birding en route.

This is a 4-WD mini bus.

Quoted prices are for 4-WD customized Safari Van with fuel and a driver guide with a capacity of seven (7) people per vehicle.

Option of 4-WD customized Land cruiser with fuel and a driver guide with a capacity of seven (7) people per vehicle is available at an additional fee of $100 per day.

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